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Oct 30, 2016 | Terry Dawson

Be The Church

Do you go to church? A common question that we may ask or be asked. Going to church has become just something we Christians do, a place we meet on Sundays. Terry starts a four week series today that challenges this way of thinking - that church isn't a thing to do, but a lifestyle, It is who we are. Today we look at Matthew 16:16-19 and see all the things a church isn' does that compare with our thoughts of church? Do we see church the way Jesus sees it or as our culture sees it?

Series Information

"It's time to stop going to church. We can't go to who we are. We don't "go to church" because "we are the church!" In this foundational series, Terry leaves the 21st-century idea of church behind to recapture the timelessness of the need, nature, and nurture of the church. Are we living as the church in our world today, or is this world living in what we call the church? We're the Body of Christ. It is time to Be the Church."