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Feb 11, 2018 | Terry Dawson

Blessings and Woes 1: In and Blessed

In the next few weeks, Terry will be looking at the Beatitudes, a section of Scripture that many of us are very familiar with, and can probably recite as needed. Today he looks at the blessings (Beatitudes) found in Luke, more specifically in Luke 6:17-26, and like so many times throughout Scripture, he shows us that Jesus' perspective can be much different than our own. We tend to read and live these blessings as a "to do list", neatly packaged and ready for us to check off as we move through our lives. Instead, Jesus says these words to tell us we are already blessed, and our reaction to those who are poor, hungry, and tired should reflect His mission, not our own. Listen, re-calibrate, and remember that we are His, always and forever.

Series Information

Terry proclaims the one Gospel through the history, research, rememberings and faith expressed in the text of the Gospel According to Luke. Jesus himself is the good news expressed by Luke. Beginning with the birth narratives unique to Luke's presentation, the good news of the Kingdom explodes into faithful view as each account, teaching, parable and event lived out and offered by Jesus, the Messiah-King, is examined the way Luke seemingly examined Jesus in his own work. Here we find a Jesus to love, a Jesus to follow, and ultimately a Jesus to worship.