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Aug 26, 2018 | Terry Dawson

Humble Worth

Being Humble in our current society is not popular. We live in a time of self interest. Cars, houses, jewelry, clothing, even shoes, have all become a type of status symbol. People try to build a lasting empire out of worldly items, often too impress others. This “Look at me” attitude is one that a lot of people choose to take up. However as Christians we are called to not take this attitude or approach. Terry takes us through the scriptures on this topic. We are called to be humble, before each other, and before the Lord our God.

Series Information

Terry proclaims the one Gospel through the history, research, rememberings and faith expressed in the text of the Gospel According to Luke. Jesus himself is the good news expressed by Luke. Beginning with the birth narratives unique to Luke's presentation, the good news of the Kingdom explodes into faithful view as each account, teaching, parable and event lived out and offered by Jesus, the Messiah-King, is examined the way Luke seemingly examined Jesus in his own work. Here we find a Jesus to love, a Jesus to follow, and ultimately a Jesus to worship.