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Sep 10, 2017 | Terry Dawson

Of Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Fires

It is fairly common that we place expectation upon someone; expect our kids to make good choices, expect our boss to notice our hard work and give us a huge raise, expect our spouse to clean the house without asking or take out the trash. What happens when our expectations aren't met? We do the same with God, expect Him to heal and produce and wipe out and take care of......We expect God to be in certain places, as well. Terry shows us in I Kings 19:1-13 a situation that Elijah found himself in that is very similar to our own when we place expectation on God, and what happens when God has a better idea.

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Resurrection Sunday, The Trinity, Advent, The Gospel, Current Events, Church Calendar Holidays... These topical studies by Terry Dawson are messages that are usually given outside of our ongoing study through the Bible consisting of both survey and in-depth messages through a book in the Bible. Other topical messages are offered in series format elsewhere in the library.