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Jan 02, 2011 | Terry Dawson

The Christmas Conspiracy, Part 2

Christmas doe not really end with the celebration of Christ’s coming. Christmas actually includes the death and resurrection of Christ as well. Join Pastor Terry as he shares a message from Philippians 2:5-10 entitled The Christmas Conspiracy, Part 2.

Series Information

The popular song “The 12-Days of Christmas” is about the twelve day Christian feast and celebration of Christmas or Christmastide. Though some see it as simply a nonsense song for children, the church has found great symbolism in its verse for centuries. Far from nonsense, the song verse that tells much of the story of the Gospel, with the “true love” mentioned in the song not an earthly suitor, but God Himself; the “me” who receives the gifts being every person who is a disciple of the Messiah; then, each of the “days” picturing truths of the faith, and the Gospel story.

Join Terry for this dot-connecting series where tradition meets culture, and the Gospel is proclaimed even by those unaware.