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Apr 14, 2019 | Terry Dawson

Today is the Day!

Being on time is a touchy concept in our society. People do not like being late to anything or when going anywhere. People also tend to dislike when other people are late to meet them. People like to prepare so they are on time, or prepare to do something else if the person they are meeting is late. All of Scripture prepared for the arrival of Jesus Christ and His time. When the time was exactly right, God sent his Son. Today takes us through some of the preparations made for Jesus’ arrival. All things happen in God’s time, never late, never early, but exactly when God decides.

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Resurrection Sunday, The Trinity, Advent, The Gospel, Current Events, Church Calendar Holidays... These topical studies by Terry Dawson are messages that are usually given outside of our ongoing study through the Bible consisting of both survey and in-depth messages through a book in the Bible. Other topical messages are offered in series format elsewhere in the library.