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Mar 12, 2017 | Terry Dawson

Why Have You Forsaken Me...

"Boy, does that guy have issues!" That's a phrase that seems to be fairly commonplace anymore, we seem to point out in others the quirkiness, or the oddities, or the things that separate others from what we see as "normal". Most "issues" we see in others are very trivial and speak more to our need for grace than they say about those we are pointing out. But some issues are real, such as abandonment, being left out, being...forsaken. Today Terry brings to light the words of Jesus found in Mark 15:34, Jesus crying out to God that he feels abandoned and forsaken. We hear the agony in His words, but do we know what His intent was in those words?

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It was a long road to the end. Many words had already been spoken. But then only a few words, a very few. Yet the words that Jesus spoke in his last few hours are some of the richest in the Scriptures, and, they tell much of the story of Jesus' final story to redemption and life through the cross. Terry looks at those last words during the season of Lent, a season of reflection prior to the resurrection celebration that is Easter. It is finished is only the beginning.