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Jul 07, 2024 | Terry Dawson

Reading Scripture: God is Like Jesus (and God’s With Us, He Loves Us and we are Walking in His Way)

With all the preaching and books and thoughts on Scripture and opinions's easy to overlook the fact that the best sermons of the Bible are the Bible itself. Join Terry as he reads through the Scriptures, selecting those connected to God being like Jesus (God’s With Us, He Loves Us, and We Are Walking in His Way). Hear the Scriptures again from the Scriptures themselves.

Series Information

Believing the Scriptures stand alone and do not require a sermon, we remind of, and reinforce, the singular beauty and necessity of the Scriptures by reading them together as a congregation at certain times throughout the year. These unedited readings use a variety of translations, including the usual translation we use in most gatherings, the NIV.