Loving God and loving others

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Loving God and loving others

As a local gathering of believers, we're a little unconventional in the way we serve and lead. We're all intentionally bi-vocational, even those of us who serve full time. As a result, though we've never thought of ourselves as a staff like you'd find at your doctor's office, bank or favorite restaurant, we really see ourselves all the more as servants. In a day when the church is often confused as being something other than the people of God, this has been a unique expression among us and an ongoing reminder that we are the church: followers of Jesus who gather to worship, live and love.


Terry Dawson

Pastoring & Teaching | x111

David Bone

Musicians & Worship & Pastoring | x112

Melanie Fox

Discipleship for Children | x114

Ken Parent

Discipleship for Children | x113

Wilma Kimball

Discipleship for Women | x113

Jessica Pierzina

Discipleship for Students | x113


Service & Hospitality Ministry Servants

Cherylee Dawson


Judy Peterson


Greg Jensen


Debbie Mitchell


Laura Neckels


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