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Nov 13, 2016 | Terry Dawson

Being The Church In Our Community Life

What a week we have had! Our nation has been turned on it's ear with this presidential election. And since last Tuesday evening, we have seen many instances where our nation has divided itself, even to the point of destruction of property and self. In today's message, the third of the series, Terry brings to us the idea of community that God has in mind for us, our community life AS the church - not just living together, not just being kind to each other, but living Christ through our every moment, serving and loving each other as Jesus did, does, and will do in the future. How can we BE the church in our community life? Listen to the message from Ephesians 2 and find out.

Series Information

"It's time to stop going to church. We can't go to who we are. We don't "go to church" because "we are the church!" In this foundational series, Terry leaves the 21st-century idea of church behind to recapture the timelessness of the need, nature, and nurture of the church. Are we living as the church in our world today, or is this world living in what we call the church? We're the Body of Christ. It is time to Be the Church."