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Apr 16, 2017 | Terry Dawson

It's Hard To Believe, Easter 2017

Easter - the celebration of the risen Christ! A day that changed the entire course of history! That is, if it's true. Wait, what? How do you prove the most amazing, miraculous event in human history, Jesus coming back from the dead after three days? Terry focuses on the events that happened on the road to Emmaus, found in Luke 24:13-35, showing how we, like the two men in this story, can miss the most amazing things and still the patience of our Savior shines through. He is risen, He is risen, indeed!

Series Information

The culmination to our 7 Last Sayings of Christ series (Lent 2017), Terry opens the same door to the Kingdom that Jesus did, with an invitation to join Jesus at His Table and witness the resurrection from a front row seat.