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Nov 26, 2023 | Terry Dawson

Christ the King, 2023

Today marks the end and, therefore, the beginning of the overall Christian year. Today is referred to as Christ The King Sunday. It has often been overlooked by the Evangelical church, but that does not diminish its importance to our lives. This morning Terry reflects on Christ the King, and what could be termed His manifesto in Matthew 5-7. We are called to a very specific mission as Christians; we declare throughout the world that Christ is King. Through our words, through our actions, even through the way we live our daily lives, through revelation and redemption we live Christ as King.

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Resurrection Sunday, The Trinity, Advent, The Gospel, Current Events, Church Calendar Holidays... These topical studies by Terry Dawson are messages that are usually given outside of our ongoing study through the Bible consisting of both survey and in-depth messages through a book in the Bible. Other topical messages are offered in series format elsewhere in the library.