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Mar 17, 2019 | Terry Dawson

Of Molehills and Mountains

Luke 8:26-39

In pop culture throughout the last hundred years Satan has been down played into a bit of character. Usually made out as red, and scaled, with a bifurcated tail, and a pitchfork. Almost always playing the butt of the overall joke. However that is not quite correct. Terry takes us through an education on Satan, and the concept of spiritual warfare. While this adversary and his minions are very much real, we as Christians are not to fear them. We need not fear for greater is He that is in us, than anything that comes against us. However we must follow Jesus’ example and not go looking for the fight. We must not put so much focus on Molehills that they become Mountains in our lives.

Series Information

Terry proclaims the one Gospel through the history, research, rememberings and faith expressed in the text of the Gospel According to Luke. Jesus himself is the good news expressed by Luke. Beginning with the birth narratives unique to Luke's presentation, the good news of the Kingdom explodes into faithful view as each account, teaching, parable and event lived out and offered by Jesus, the Messiah-King, is examined the way Luke seemingly examined Jesus in his own work. Here we find a Jesus to love, a Jesus to follow, and ultimately a Jesus to worship.