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Apr 11, 2019 | Terry Dawson

Time to Talk About Time

1 Corinthians 10:11

Time is a driving force in our society and it has been for most societies through out history. Whether it is from a lack of time, to an abundance of time, we are always focused on time. From “Me” time, to “Our” time, On Time, behind the Times, we are obsessed with time. Anything that causes a wrinkle in our perceived time, greatly upsets us. However we are not the masters of time. Tonight,Terry takes us through the concept of Time and how it applies to our lives. Time belongs to God, from when events happen, to when he chooses to move. We must strive to make sure we are are focused on God’s time, not the world’s perception of time, and not our own perception of time.

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Resurrection Sunday, The Trinity, Advent, The Gospel, Current Events, Church Calendar Holidays... These topical studies by Terry Dawson are messages that are usually given outside of our ongoing study through the Bible consisting of both survey and in-depth messages through a book in the Bible. Other topical messages are offered in series format elsewhere in the library.